Azuras is, unlike Dovar, a more temperamental deity. Holding her beliefs around the equality and justice of the natural order, but more specifically, the elements. Much like Dovar, Azuras grants celestial gifts to her followers. Ranging from minor gifts of a good harvest, to very rarely. Divine intervention. However, the true calling card of Azuras is her compliancy. Meaning Azuras will only respond to her followers if she deems the request naturally justifiable. So if the means of destroying a followers settlement, kills surrounding forestry. She will simply refuse.

However, by wielding such power, powers of the four elements. A pilgrim will be required to give tribute. This in the form of her four elemental laws.

firstly, with your power of fire. A follower can never harm the natural order, and must always be its defender.

And with your tears of water. A follower must always give back to nature, to which he or she has taken. No matter the cost.

And with your breath of air. A follower must give tribute, by travelling to her holy shrine at the Azuras Highlands. And only then shall she hear your words.

And finally, with your faith of stone. You must keep Azuras close to your heart, for if you follow these teachings. She will always hear you.