Iron God

The Iron God said to be the father of the earth. He created the planets molten heart and the deep veins of iron that run deep through the earth. He is quick to anger and spends little time concerning himself with his devout. He very rarely communicates if he does it will only be to the dark prophet and it is increasingly rare for him to intervene in the mortal realm. His strength comes from earth and metal, his godly powers are centred around protection from other gods wrath and will allow with large tribute to his followers to prevent other godly intervention.

Mother of Blood

The Mother of Blood is a much calmer goddess. She will often intervene in the mortal realm, although her power lies in the manipulation of the beings through which her red life runs. It is often said that the first human was given life with a single strand of her blood red hair. She will often accept tribute from her followers in the form of either human or animal sacrifice (although she prefers human blood which is the purest). She will often give her followers a scent for blood allowing them to locate other being which have blood within them. Her powers are centred around detection and manipulation of other living beings.


There were 6 decrees spelt out in blood on a tablet of iron in the ancient times. They read:

Thou shall be devout in following the commands of your gods

Thou shall always recognise the blood mother

Thou shall ask for the iron god's blessing when forging

Thou shall bring chaos in thy mother and fathers name

Thou shall give the blood mother a sacrifice from their veins everyday

Thou shall never show mercy to those who bring order

These decrees have made the faith of blood and iron incredibly dangerous to law bringers and kings.


Dark Prophet: Artur Dalibor Alberda